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Iverson eFuels AS is a project to a establish large scale green ammonia production at Sauda. Political and industrial ambitions around the world point to green hydrogen / ammonia being one of the key contributors to achieving a transition from fossil energy to green energy consumption. In addition to the existing market for ammonia today that will have to become green and will grow, the maritime industry is preparing to be demanding large volumes of green ammonia as maritime fuel. Sauda has all the fundamentals to hosting large scale production of green ammonia – access to significant power, production sites, export infrastructure, and strong local support. Iverson eFuels AS not only marks a billion-kroner investment in green ammonia. The project strives to create a significant, positive impact on both job creation and climate in accordance with the owners ethical policy and the UN Guiding Principles. It is estimated that the plant will generate 50-100 permanent jobs, supporting the local community in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Iverson eFuels AS represents the workplaces of the future – in Sauda and as a regional hydrogen hub supporting the energy region of Rogaland. 

A new industry

Iverson eFuels AS will assist the ongoing transformation from fossil energy to renewable energy and provide valuable learning to be carried further in other large-scale green ammonia projects. The project therefore has the potential to act as one of the catalysts for a new green hydrogen/ammonia industry in the region of Rogaland in which Sauda is located based on the knowledge and experience already available in region. Iverson offers a unique opportunity to strengthen Norway’s role within renewable energy and ensure job creation in the next generation of storage technologies.

Circular potential

Iverson will aim be a significant contributor to the establishment of valuable circulate systems in Sauda and the region based on identifying and utilizing potential in the interfaces between companies and industries. This may be utilization of large volumes of oxygen, heat, biogenic CO2, water handling, and many other areas.  

Iverson eFuels AS adds value to the local community through:


  • 50-100 permanent jobs
  • Circular potential
  • Focal point for a new industry within green ammonia.

CO2 reductions

With an estimated CO2 reduction corresponding to the annual CO2 emissions of approximately 300,000 fossil fueled cars (each driving 10.000 km/year), Iverson will make a significant contribution to CO2 neutrality. In addition, the use of the plant’s circular potential will contribute with an additional CO2 reduction and energy optimization.

Iverson eFuels AS will make an approximate 240 MW contribution to EU’s target of 40 GW of electricity coming from renewable hydrogen electrolysis by 2030. The EU strategy expresses the ambition for hydrogen (including ammonia) to be an integral part of EU’s energy system by 2025 to 2030, with a production target of up to 10 million tons of renewable hydrogen. The plant also contributes to Norway's national targets for establishment of hydrogen capacity.