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Iverson eFuels AS

Developing green energy industry

Iverson eFuels AS is a Norwegian green ammonia project under development. Powered by renewable energy and applying industrial scale electrolysis technology, Iverson will produce green ammonia that will lead to long-term sustainability of green maritime mobility.

Did you know…

The plant is expected to cover 15-20 ha – corresponding to 20-26 football pitches

Iverson eFuels AS represents a capital investment of several hundred million EUR.

Significant volumes of oxygen and excess heat from Iverson operations will provide significant long term circular potential for local industry, society and private consumption

Iverson eFuels AS is expected to generate 50-100 permanent jobs

Iverson eFuels AS will produce more than 200,000 tons of green ammonia annually in the first project phase, which will be among the largest green ammonia plants in the world

Iverson eFuels AS will replace fossil fuels equal to CO2 emissions of 300.000 cars (each driving 10.000 km/year).